MannieManiac Art since 1984  

Surreal & Abstract Art

Series by Mannie


the "Fish" series is a study of repetition, color and form. The fish can represent many different things. I use it to represent spirituality and turmoil. All of the "Fish" with have their tongues exposed and the same pattern of scales. I believe it is the reptitious naure of  creating the scales that produced the desire to turn this type of painting into  series that I do not see ending anytime soon. 


The "Faces" series is my personal attempt at creating a sense of madness, uncertainty, disambiguation and paranoia. This is my favorite series to work on as I believe it is an articulation of my unconscious self through art. I don't plan or structure the concept before hand . Just simply draw it then paint. I feel these paintings are strangely representational of my emotional state pertaining to the world that surrounds us. Mostly confusion and anger, with hints of serenity and madness like the contradiction of thoughts that naturally exist in my own mind.


the "Doorways" series is evocative. The "Doorway(s)" appear to be the sun or source of light to the composition. The abstract figures that are present represent and emotional or mental state of mind that most people can relate to in one way or another. The paintings deal with spirituality and decisions that everyone encounters. The loss of friends through death or separation or dealing with ones own choices or mistakes in life can be interpretted through some of the smalll paintings.

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